Thursday, 25 September 2014

My Discussion

This is the first paragraph of my discussion about the voting.

At the moment people in New Zealand are talking about the election saying what the political party will make New Zealand a better place. but it all comes up to the 20th of September 2014 for which politIcal party will get the most votes from New Zealand. Which party would you vote for?

Peer Mediation

On Thursday Emma and I did peer mediatoin in the junior area.

Friday, 5 September 2014

My Writting

Goldilocks and The Three Dinos

One morning they had made some soup so they could poison the person who had been stealing their food breaking their chairs and messing their beds up, so that morning they made some soup made it really hot after they had made the soup and put on the table they tipped the poison in all three bowls opened the door and hid in the cupboard after about ten minutes the mysterious girl came inside and saw the soup she sat down picked up her spoon slowly going into her mouth but then suddenly one of the dinos snesed. She stopped to look around. She didn’t see anyone so she carried on but she then needed the bathroom. so she got up and went to the bathroom the dinos were now furious now that she just won’t eat it so one of the dinos quickly ran out of the cupboard to grab the poison and put even more in to make sure it does work the girl was coming back humming so the dino sprinted back into the cupboard as the girl sat down she had broken another chair, about half an hour later she came back with another chair, when she sat down she grabbed the spoon. She finally had a spoonful of soup but nothing had happened the poison didn’t work. They so angry that they jumped out of the cupboard, scared her so much she ran out the door as fast as the could, they were pretty sure that would be the last of, Goldilocks. The dinos all sat down to eat the soup because it wasn’t poisonis so they ate their soup, about ten minutes after they had eaten their soup they fell to the ground. It was….. dino poison

I think that I am at relational because i have used good structure in my writing.

Peer Mediation and PALs

On Tuesday i had my peer mediation but no problems which is good that means nothing bad is going on.

On Thursday I had PALs with Emma and I we played tricky tag and Octopus we had about 16 people playing these games.